My name is Ran Aroussi. I live with my wife and my three four kids in Israel London, UK.

I'm the founder of Tradologics - a cloud platform for programmatic traders that offers a suite of tools to address every part of the trading business cycle.

I'm an entrepreneur, software programmer, algorithmic trader, and a technology geek.

This site's goal is to be an outlet where I share blurbs on tech, finance and life. My thoughts are my own and any comments I make regarding trading or programming should be taken with a grain of salt.


I started my first business at the age of 17, entered the technology and marketing space in 1998, founded the world's first performance marketing school in 2005, and gained my "street cred" with the multi-million dollar launch of PPC Bully in 2009.

These days, I use my decades of software development and data-science experience to actively research and develop algorithmic trading strategies using quantitative and machine learning models.


I'm an autodidact computer programmer, who's started programming in the late '80s, after getting an IBM PC as a Bar-Mitzvah present. In 1995 I started a web development firm, which, as the online landscape evolved, transformed into a technology and marketing company.

I have extensive experience with frontend and backend development, SQL/NoSQL/In-Memory database administration, *NIX server configuration for high load applications, and programming using Python, PHP, JavaScript/Node.js, C, and Shell scripting. Additionally, I have complete mastery of frontend design using HTML/CSS/JS + Photoshop.

Aside from programming, throughout the years, I've also gained experience online marketing – which allowed me the pleasure of working with and mentoring hundreds of people while helping them build successful companies in the online space. In 2005, I founded ClickIM, the world's first and Israel's largest school for performance marketing, where I taught 5,000+ students how to create successful online businesses.

In 2009, I led a multi-million-dollar product launch for MyAdWise (later renamed to Intango), which led me to the AdTech industry, where I developed models for both the Buy and Sell sides of online media Exchanges.

In 2013, I turned to algorithmic trading, after discovering I enjoy exploring capital markets and creating fully-automated, algorithmic trading strategies using quantitative and machine-learning models (primarily using Python).

In 2016, my youngest daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia, which caused my career to take a 3 year pause from any business activity.

As an avid open-source supporter and contributor, I've released several popular open-source Python libraries that have ~500K monthly installs (according to PyPi). My open-source projects and contributions are available on my Github page.

In 2020, I founded Tradologics - the world's first cloud platform for trading.

Tradologics help traders, investors, and trading operations develop, test, run, and scale their trading strategies in the cloud – without worrying about broker connectivity, data management, or infrastructure.

Our cloud platform goal is to solve every part of the trading business cycle - allowing them to focus on the trading logic, while we take care of everything else.

To get in touch with me, simply send me an email or give me a shout on Twitter.