The last few months got me busy like a bee...

It all started in 2016 with the release of QTPyLib. I was trying to shorten the time it takes to go from an idea to live trading by abstracting all the techie stuff as much as possible (while still allowing flexibility for developers).

Last year I shared my vision for the next version of QTPyLib in hopes of making the lives of programmatic traders ever easier. That vision led me to the idea of an open trading standard.

But the more I tried to simplify things, the more I realized that the programmatic trading landscape is a mess.

Think about this:

Being a programmatic trader requires skills that are entirely unrelated to trading!


Aside from generating trading signals, traders need to know how to work with streaming data, process “big data” in real-time, manage server infrastructure, parsing logs, etc.


Traders need to be transformed into a trading powerhouse with the skills of a Quant Researcher, a Quant Developer, a Programmer, DevOps Engineer, and a Database Administrator, to name a few.

Even if someone were to hold all those skills, they would still need to deal with the fragmented nature of the industry and familiarize themself with each broker’s API implementation, SDKs, and software.

This whole situation got me thinking...

What if there was a way for traders to focus only on the trading logic – without worrying about stuff like broker connectivity, data management, or infrastructure?

So, early this year, I’ve gathered a small team of ninjas and started working on Tradologics.

What is Tradologics?

Tradologics is the fastest way to go from idea to live-trading – bypassing all those infrastructure headaches.


Tradologics is the first cloud platform built with the specific needs of programmatic traders in mind. It lets traders research, test, deploy, monitor, and scale their trading strategies - allowing them to focus on the important things, like trading logic.

Tradologics’ goal is to make sure that the future of trading is frictionless by offering a myriad of tools and services aimed to solve every part of the trader’s business cycle, allowing them to focus on trading, while we take care of everything else.

We’ve just started a private beta phase with a small userbase. As we gradually grow, we’re going to allow more and more traders to use the platform.

Head over to to learn more about the future of trading, and, if you want to be one of the first to try out the platform, join the waitlist using the form on Tradologics’ website.

Until then - Happy trading! 💪